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Who are We?

In the August of 1999, the New Life Volunteer Society was founded by Dr. Vijay Khiani. He had attended a lecture by a modern spiritual leader, J.P. Vaswani, whose discussion emphasized the importance of helping serve fellow mankind. This lecture prompted Dr. Khiani and a group of his fellow peers to address the important concerns regarding community outreach and enhancement. After determining where the needs of their local communities lay, NLVS decided on focusing its efforts to find avenues for support for the hungry, the homeless, the mentally and physically disabled, and underprivileged children. Throughout 2000, NLVS expanded to over 200 students becoming involved at the founding campus at  The University of Illinois at Chicago. In May 2000, Dr. Khiani worked to expand the mission of NLVS by partnering with college institutions and businesses across the country. Increasing the number of members allowed for direct care for communities in need.

The development of such connections was also vital in progressing the mission of NLVS, as new chapters have successfully created tutoring programs, health education programs, and worked with the
IAMA Charitable Foundation to run a free health clinic on Saturdays in Chicago for over a decade. NLVS looks forward to continued growth on the national and global levels.